The Easy Way To Enjoy Phenomenal Success On TV Just Like Dormeo UK

The recent launch of the Octaspring Topper by Dormeo UK has seen some phenomenal sales. From the very first broadcast the phones were ringing, the internet was clicking and many orders were being enthusiastically placed.

Within three weeks Dormeo UK had run out of stock. As problems go, its’ a good one to have.

So what is it about this product (other than the beautifully produced infomercial!) that has truly resonated with the buying public? And what lessons can any product owner learn from this in order to replicate such success? And most importantly of all, is there a “magic formula” for ensuring success in what can be an incredibly lucrative business

The bad news is that unfortunately there is no “magic formula” that will guarantee success. Just because you have spent time, effort, and no small amount of money on a TV campaign does not mean instant and massive success. The good news is, however, that many of the top performing products over the years do share similar qualities and so clearly it is vital for any product owner to ensure their product and offer have them too.

  • Quality

The Octaspring Topper is a premium product that has been thoroughly researched, tested and is manufactured to a very high quality. That is why Dormeo UK are able to offer their 60 night Sleep Guarantee, as well as a 5 year warranty. In my experience, the viewing public is very astute at being able to assess the overall quality of a product, so never try to fool them!

  • The Product Is Different

The Octaspring Topper offers a solution to a problem – i.e it will transform your old, existing mattress into a high quality one at very reasonable cost. Plus, it is using Dormeo UK’s own, unique technology in the Octaspring. Having a feature that sets you apart from your competition is very desirable and really helps sell the story on TV.

  • A Big Market

We all sleep, right? But very few of us get the right quantity and very often the right quality of sleep. So therefore, the potential market for a product that is guaranteed to give us better and deeper sleep is huge.

  • Incredible value

Any buying decision is ultimately based on emotion, and we always feel great if we have got ourselves a brilliant bargain. The offer that Dormeo UK have put together on the Octaspring Topper shows fantastic value for money at £199 (reduced from RRP of £399) including a bonus pillow and free delivery. If any product is to succeed on DRTV the value proposition must be incredibly strong – or at the very least, the offer combination must be unique.

  • Revenue Maximisation

Any business that has any desire to succeed will focus heavily on maximizing the revenue from every customer contact. Dormeo UK are focused on this with laser precision. They have a full range of upsells from sheets to duvets and everything else you could possibly imagine that will compliment your new mattress topper perfectly. Naturally, these upsells offer excellent value for money, too! Upsell rates of 30% and even higher are possible – but you have to know what you are doing. Clearly, the difference that revenue maximization can make to your campaign is massive and should never be overlooked.

Clearly, if you have a product that satisfies all of these criteria then your chances of success are greatly enhanced. And success in this industry can be huge. The UK’s biggest ever DRTV product is the H2O X5 steam mop and it turns over tens of millions of pounds every year. That product and others like it fulfill the DRTV success criteria.

So what next at Dormeo UK ? Well, they find themselves in a pretty unique position of having THREE sleep products that are enjoying great success on TV and are proving very popular with their customers, too.

So, it turns out that you don’t need a magic formula after all. If you have a great product that has an exciting story to tell, if it has wide enough appeal and you can put a unique offer together, DRTV could offer you huge success.

Wouldn’t that help you sleep better at night?

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