The Power of a Great Testimonial

Responsive TV have filmed a DRTV Testimonial on behalf of Home Shopping giant Studio Moderna for their new Dormeo branded product, the Dormeo Air Mattress. Using our preferred film crew partners, Pearldrop Productions, we set about filming customers’ reactions to their new mattresses and the feedback was amazing.

A DRTV Testimonial will form an integral

part of any infomercial. Hearing about other peoples’ experiences with a product really adds to the sales message. In todays’ world the consumer is able to research their desired product like never before. Amazon and Trip Advisor are prime examples – especially where higher value goods (such as a mattress) are being bought. No longer are old-fashioned soundbite testimonials going to convince the consumer to buy – they now need to hear and in the case of TV – see – real life experiences. Nothing helps us make a buying decision better than a recommendation from someone we know or trust. And therein lies the skill of the DRTV Producer. In video, we have a seriously powerful tool at our disposal for great testimonials that will educate and inform.

So if you have a product video that you need to refresh or upgrade, you should certainly consider filming some testimonials. They are relatively cheap to film but do require a high level of expertise and experience to get the very best result and impact. That is where Responsive TV come in. We have filmed hundreds of DRTV testimonials in the past from celebrities to random shoppers in the mall. But no matter where you find it, each DRTV testimonial should be truthful, honest and believable and if they are, they will transform an ordinary product film of infomercial into a seriously strong sales machine. And many of Responsive TV’s customers will certainly testify to that.

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